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Russian-Austrian Cyber ​​Tournament 2022.

We are glad to announce one of the most anticipated esports events of the year – the Russian-Austrian Interactive Football Cyber Tournament 2022. Citizens of Russia and Austria can take part in the competition. The tournament is held online and everyone will be able to try their hand several times!

The qualifying round for Russian players will begin on June 4, and for Austrian players on June 11.

At the end of the qualifying stages, 8 best players from each country will be determined who will fight in the playoffs for the title of tournament champion, and professional commentators in Russian and German will cover the final games.

The playoffs among the top 16 players will take place on 06/19/2022. The winner of the competition will receive a Sony PlayStation 5 console, the silver medalist will receive an Apple Watch 7 smart watch, and the third place winner will receive Apple Airpods Pro headphones.

Website: https://dialogecup.online/

Match-day campaign as a tool for social integration and a marketing product

Having launched a series of thematic match-days called “Our lads in city” for the UEFA League of Nations games of the Russian national team, The Game Agency Pro sports marketing group in co-operation with the Russian Football Union created a program for establishing an association: “A game of the national team is a festival for the whole city”

The main goal of the campaign was to create festival atmosphere at the football stadiums across the country and in terms of the city environment using the previous experience gained through a special pack of entertaining activities, hospitality zones and sponsor integrations.

Development and integration of the match-day campaign is also possible thanks to extended geography of this type of events as in the end of the day a wider coverage could allow to popularize football more successfully, specifically to create its image as a popular family leisure among the Russians.

Key elements of the Match-day campaign:

An entertaining program in the city environment aiming at creation of festival atmosphere to bring up sense of “Communion” and “Empathy” not only in local fans’ minds but in average residents’ of the city.

An image campaign called “Our lads” aiming at socialization of pictures such as “Russian football” and “A Russian footballer” in the news sphere.

An entertaining program at the match which is considered to form a unique experience for fans.

Such a Match-day campaign also allows to:

- attract a broader audience to interact with football
- monetize client services
- integrate social and charity projects in the match-days
- develop GR-communications
- analyze fans audience 
- provide offline communication B2C
- develop loyalty programs 
- increase fans’ tolerance programs towards sports results

Match-day campaign also considers a wide usage of ad tools:

- outdoors ads
- media ads
- TV and radio commercials
- design of public transport
- BTL-actions
- SMM-marketing
- celebrity-marketing

Match-day program includes:

- collaborations with partner services and  retailers
- autograph-sessions of the Russian national team ambassadors at shopping malls
- creative challenges and battles
- broadcast of a game at transport hubs and cinemas
- photo zones
- volunteers

Match-day activities at the stadium:

- games against celebrities
- autograph-sessions of the Russian national team ambassadors
- concerts
- a zone of partners’ activities
- a fan-zone designed with the attributes of an opposite team
- on-sight merchant points
- photo zones
- thematic food-courts
- aqua make-up
- children and family activities
- VIP-Hospitality zone 

Pre-match program includes the following points:

- “warm-up” with fans at the bench line
- fans’ performance
- a theatrical performance on the pitch
- national anthems accompanied by orchestras
- escort-kids

In the half-time of the game fans can also have the following activities:

- “warm-up” with fans
- kiss-cam
- partners’ integrations for fans

As a result, a step-by-step multipurpose matrix of the match-day campaign looks next:
- launch of an ad campaign one month before a game
- BTL-actions at key city locations within a week before a game
- opening of a fan zone one day before a game
- program at the stadium on the very match-day

Match day strategy at the Football Russian Cup final in Samara

The Game Agency Pro sports marketing group and the Russian Football Union have launched a new joint project - a communication strategy, designed for the football Russian Cup final, which was realised through a special matrix of the project and included 6 key stages:

1 May - the start of the ad campaign in the city under a common style of the event and its distribution via ad equipment
16 May - an update with following integration of the participants of the Russian Cup final
17-18 May
- promo-actions
- photo zone with the original Russian Cup trophy
- contest mechanisms in the media

19 May - a sports&family festival at the Volga river bank

20-21 May
Ads in the local and nationwide media

22 May - a football festival and pre-match activities

Having been implemented the chosen strategy reached the following results:

For the first time in the history of its marketing activity the Russian Football Union in co-operation with the executive authorities has used media-tools of the region which covered 290,000 people (25% of the city population)

A special attention has been drawn to the organization of hospitality zones at the transport hubs (Kurumoch Airport, railway station). Total passing capacity of the zones - 10,000 people. 

Three shopping malls in Samara has seen a Trophy Tour with a total coverage of more than 15,000 people during the event.

Local and nationwide partners with their own activities have been also integrated into the Match day: Russian Post, Papa John's pizza restaurants, Barber OTTO barbershop. 

Fans also joined a number of challenges that bore local cultural attributes. More than 300 actors, athletes and musicians participated in an organized pre-match flash mob. A showman ran a pre-match performance and an awarding ceremony, communicating with fans from the bench line.

Match-day series for the Russian national football team: entertainment, integration and social portrait of a fan

On the eve of the UEFA League of Nations matches, the Sports & Marketing Agency The Game Agency Pro in cooperation with the Football Union of Russia launched the project of thematic match-day for the Russian national football team, whose program included entertainment activities for fans, partner activations and case studies.

A preliminary general analysis of the heritage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup showed a potential interest in a quality football product among various segments of the audience in Russia and, as a result, commercial growth potential of FUR that can be realized with the help of versatile communication tools.

One of such tools for development and stimulation of interest among various social groups was the case of The Game Agency Pro, a thematic match-day, successfully implemented for the first time two years ago at the matches of the Russian Premier League with Lokomotiv Moscow.

The conceptual program of pre-match activities for the fans was planned as a tour of Russian cities that hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and received the symbolic name “Team Russia in the city!” to create an associative series “national team match is a party for the town”.
Communication channels for its implementation were: a specially created resource matchday.rfs.ru, CRM mailing, digital resources of the Russian national team and FUR, the targeted program in the host cities, including outdoor and display advertising, btl-activity, announcements in the media. Also an additional tool for engaging a family audience was a children's drawing contest, called “Team of Heroes”, with a chance to enter the football field and take part in a flash mob before the start of the match.

During the series, 5 events were held at the meetings of the national and U21 national team of Russia in Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Tula and Sochi. The total attendance of matches amounted to 158,000 people with an average occupancy rate of arenas by 90%. The total attendance of the pre-match program on the stadium area was 38,500 people.

Activation of the Russian national team support program at FIFA 2018 World Cup

Communication strategy named "Play for us, for everyone, for everyone!" was aimed at increasing the loyalty of Russian society and popularizing the brand of Russian national team on FIFA 2018 World Cup. According to the plan, the legend contained a binary emotional appeal of the society to the team ("Play for us, for everyone, for everyone!") and response ("We play for you!").

The tasks of The Game Agency Pro were:

• Creation of the identity of the advertising campaign, including the development of the image.
• Creation of communication strategy and promotion plan.
• Launch a media campaign to reach the maximum audience.

Taking into account terms and risks, the communication matrix was divided into segments of the audience with the appropriate characteristics and geography. Communication channels were chosen: a) event-marketing, b) digital marketing, c) celebrity marketing, d) btl-actions, e) media advertising.

In accordance with the selected implementation plan, the results of the campaign showed the following results:

• Media and digital campaigns (rolls of commercials on TV and Cinema Park network, targeting Social Media, celebrity marketing) covered more than 35 million people aged 6+ living in the territory of the Russian Federation.

• The penetration of FUR interactive zones in 20 cities (btl-actions in fan zones, shopping malls, parks, cities squares on Independence Days) totaled 392,700 people.

• The number of publications in Social Media with the tag of the campaign exceeded 10,000, in federal and regional media - more than 150.

• The growth of the audience of the Team Russia account in Social Media for the month amounted to more than 500 000 people.

• The increase in the audience of players' accounts for the national team in Instagram totaled more than 2.4 million people.

• The number of requests for a combination of the "Russian national team" for the month according to Yandex.Wordstat data has grown more than 2 fold.

Fill the sport. Fill in sport. Branding for the Lukoil Sports Club: development, identity, adaptation

A new case in the branding services of The Game Agency Pro was the development and adaptation of branding dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Lukoil Sports Club.

The key task was the integration of the customer's twenty-year history, its main mission and related projects into a single branding and identity. The main difficulty was that the client doesn`t produce direct services to any consumer. Lukoil Sports Club is the operator of a large company in the implementation of sponsorship and social projects in sports.

In accordance with the task and ideology of the customer, the slogans "we fill the sport", "fill in the sport", which were the game of words in the perception of the mass consumer. For him Lukoil is a well-known fuel company, were chosen as the basis for verbal identification. The main broadcast values ​​in this perception are the high quality of fuel produced by the company and the energy of Lukoil in the form of key sponsorship projects such as FC Spartak or the Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​the fuel of the highest achievements. Therefore, where there is Lukoil, there is victory.

The main element of visual identification was the refueling gun, which is the basis for the association with the customer in the B2C communication and simultaneously symbolizing the "refueling", on the one hand, the transfer of power and energy, and, on the other hand, the moment of sport leadership in colloquial slang. Parallel elements of brand identity were figures reflecting the history of the customer, as well as integrated silhouettes of athletes included in the list of key sponsorship sports projects of the company.

Yoga festival on the pitch and steaks with players at the stadium. The summer festival LokoLand became a new case for clubs

Making yoga and stretching on the football pitch of the stadium, cooking steaks with the players of the FC Lokomotiv and riding the camel around the arena - not only these things the guest of summer festival LokoLand could do in the last decade of August on the territory of RZD Arena in Moscow.

In addition to the above, the festival program also included an ice cream festival, street-football, streetball, cyberfootball and table tennis, climbing walls, an exhibition of vintage muscle cars, skating and mono-wheels, singing, cheerleading festival, lessons of the Lokomotiv Academy, trampolining and table games area.

According to the data of the cattle, the total number of guests of the festival exceeded 3200 people, 53% (according to the research with 10% sample) were residents of the districts nearby to the stadium. The core audience by age is 18-30 years (61%), 40% of the guests were not fans of the club.

The reach of the target audience through the channels of communication in the Social media (living near the stadium and interesting in outdoor recreation, healthy lifestyles and festivals) amounted to 98 000 people. Post-effect from the event in the Social Media: 624 publications with the tag #LokoLand and more than 500 publications with the geolocation of the stadium in Instagram, more than 60,000 likes, comments and reposts in total in Social media.

The main income items were: a) sale of club attributes (50%); b) ticket sales for attractions (20%); c) ticket sales for the next matches (19%); d) catering (9%).

International Youth UTLC CUP as activation of the sponsorship contract and increasing the recognition of the company's business

The Game Agency Pro has developed an image project to increase the recognition of the United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) and the activation of its sponsorship contract with the football club Lokomotiv.

The objectives of the Agency included the development and implementation of a new football project in the youth football segment that would combines the business geography of the operator of rail container services in the China / Southeast Asia - EU country, a sponsorship agreement with the football club Lokomotiv and opportunities to increase the company's recognition in the EU and China. The decision was the establishment of the international youth tournament UTLC CUP among the teams of countries integrated into the business of the company (China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Belarus), the football club Lokomotiv and invited top club. All matches of the tournament was held at the stadium complex "RZD Arena" and the press conference was held in the well-known TASS agency.

The project result`s are: more than 100 publications with the mention of the company in the media and official resources of all participating clubs, over 30,000 views of the broadcasts of the tournament matches on YouTube (40% of the audience from the EU countries and China), more than 100,000 news coverage of the project in the Social Media (30% of the audience from the EU countries), 3000 visitors at the official url of the tournament, 130 publications with the tag #UTLCCUP in Instagram, more than 2500 fans who visited the tournament matches and received the souvenir products of UTLC.

Traditional national holiday at Lokomotiv Stadium - another one marketing project provided by The Game Agency Pro

Last days of winter were traditionally spent in celebration of russian national holidays named Maslenitsa. The Game Agency Pro and FC Lokomotiv Moscow gathered more than 2 thousands people at the stadium.

Using specific mix of marketing methods, resources and platforms again, organizers gained a new concept of the event - a celebration of Maslenitsa holiday which united new audience groups as well as main target categories.

Here are the excerpts from the marketing report about "Maslenitsa at the Lokomotiv Stadium" event:

- audience from the Eastern district of Moscow increased by 15% (40% totally);
- the "word-of-mouth" communication channel has also increased to 22% - audience successfully and effectivelly shares recommendations that leads to increasing the coverage and involvement;
- almost identical indicators of the audience (no more than 3.9% of the difference) by age groups suggest that the brand of FC Lokomotiv is interesting to different categories of guests, each of them requires an individual approach;
- return on investments in the project was more than 30%, which is a positive indicator for these type of activities.

It should be noted that attracting fans and various groups of people to the sports arenas in non-match-days is one of the main problems in the life of not only football clubs but also clubs representing other sports in Russia. The Game Agency Pro and FC Lokomotiv Moscow by way of an effective partnership are on the way of developin and popularizing the brand, increasing loyalty of fans and developing the sports industry of the city and the country.

The Game Agency Pro made the first newyear outdoor festival at the stadium in Russian history

The Game Agency Pro and FC Lokomotiv Moscow became the first organizers of the New Year outdoor festival, which was held at the stadium and visited by more than 3000 people. 

Based on the analysis of the target audience and key trends in New Year activities, The Game Agency Pro were selected the unicue thematic holiday concept, channels of communication with the audience and PR-methods for its attraction.

Here are some figures from the marketing report:

- more than 1000 tickets were sold (attendance - more than 3000 people);
- more than 1300 posts with official hashtag and more than 29000 likes, reposts and comments;
- 36947000 people communicated with festival info using audio-ad during 2 weeks in Moscow Subway System;
- 62% of visitors came as groups (from 3 persons);
- 24% of visitors came to the stadium at first time.

These and many other facts have been identified on the basis of market research organizded during the festival. They suggest that such events could be an effective tool for improving territorial recognition of the club and it`s stadium, for improving loyalty among family sports fan as well as a positive example of the use of sports infrastructure out of match-day.

The Game Agency Pro works with matchday series at Lokomotiv Moscow stadium

The Game Agency Pro has developed a marketing concept of themed match-day's events to attract the new categories of fans on domestic matches in the Russian Football Premier League.

The target audience become men, women, children and adolescents living in the Eastern administrative district of Moscow, at the age of 8 to 60 years. In accordance with the interests and needs of the audience, as well as a rival football club Lokomotiv in the next match of the Premier League, we were selected theme of sports and leisure activities. Ideological title of the match-day event were corresponded with calendar and climatic factors of the matches. So, first October match-day against Arsenal Tula was stylized with associative symbols of Tula. The concept in the capital derby against CSKA Moscow was named "Faster. Higher. Stronger." The fans of both clubs in the pre-match activities were competed in the delivery of GTO complex, crossfit, streeball and football battles in Adidas panna cells. To attract audiences we used the form of outdoor advertising billboards in residential areas, schools and playgrounds, CRM-delivery and targeting social networks. Also The Game Agency Pro were selling different match-day services.

The result of work at one of match-days you can see on our YouTube Channel.

Conquer the Moscow with The Game Agency Pro!

The Game Agency Pro offers you to become a member of a unique football event. Moscow Games - a chance for your team to reach a new level of game thanks to sparring with the best football academies in Moscow. During the trip we will find an individual schedule games with strong  academies of Spartak, CSKA, Lokomotiv, Dynamo, Chertanovo.

In addition to the sports program for young players waiting for an unforgettable tour of the city center on the double-decker bus, as well as entertainment in one of the best Aquapark of the city. For all participants we also prepared special accommodation in modern sports hotel.

Do you want to try your hand on the football fields in Moscow and get a vivid and unforgettable emotions? Let’s go to the Moscow Games.

Just call us by phone: +7 (917) 502-55-12 or e-mail: mazavrishvili@thegameagency.pro

Our project was nominated for "Event of the Year" in Russia

Special activation of sport sponsorship program of oil company "LUKOIL", which was created by The Game Agency Pro team at the end of 2015 was nominated for IV National industry award "Event of the Year" - key professional award event-industry in Russia.

"One Team" project, which became known not only in the world of sport, but also in the segment of the sports business industry, was nominated in three categories: "The best event for the brand," "Best creative idea of ​​the event" and "Best event implementation strategy to build a brand image"

The conception of activation which was created by The Game Agency Pro presented popular russian athletes for one day turned into employees of the oil industry. Famous football players, handballers, racers, water polo players, gymnasts appeared as a petrol station workers, members of the maintenance team, package department staff petroleum pump room workers and airport refueling stations workers.

Award winners are determined by popular vote, and the decision of the expert jury. Awarding ceremony will be held on March 2, 2016 in "Barvikha Luxury Village".

More information about event you can find here.

The Game Agency Pro became an official partner of "MarSpo" international conference

The Game Agency Pro became an organizational partner of the international conference MarSpo, which will be supported by the European Sponsorship Association (ESA).

The main objective of MarSpo - creation of a unified communication platform between the subjects and brands of sports industry. Conference will demonstrate the real mechanisms and tools to achieve marketing effectiveness and financial success of the sports federations, leagues, clubs and tournaments using successful European and Russian Cases.

The main topics of the MarSpo conference will be: organization of sports events, organization of sports brands, working with sponsors, ticket program organization, TV-product creation, merchandising, Matchday, digital-marketing, working with the fans, the stakes and betting in sports, PR-activities and press work-services, Endorsement and others.

MarSpo Conference will be held on 26 and 27 April 2016 in Moscow at Otkritie Arena.

For participation in the conference and media accreditation contact us by e-mail: sheyanova@thegameagency.pro or by phone: +7 (926) 497-59-57

From oil platform - to one of the biggest Moscow airport's: russian athletes became oilmen

The large-scale project of The Game Agency Pro and Sports Club "LUKOIL" swept the major oil facilities, the geography of the - one of the main points that marked each to learn about "the same team"!

The creative concept of the exclusive photo project called "One team", involving photographing system known representatives of Russian sport, supported by the company in the form of technical personnel has been successfully implemented in various production facilities - in the Nizhny Novgorod region and Caspian Sea, Volgograd and Moscow.

The focus in the implementation was placed on shared values ​​and philosophy inherent in both the oil companies and, of course, the athletes: respect for their work, high responsibility, team spirit and confidence in achieving their goals - this was one of the key elements that gave the fame to the project. During the month, the unique activation of agency and sports club was remarked not only by public, but also by professionals in the field of marketing, sponsorship and PR-technologies, which is certainly a success.

More than 95,000 likes, 28,000 references in the Internet space, tens of thousands of hits and hundreds of comments and discussion, thousands of employees of the company "LUKOIL", a lot of athletes 6 sports - this was "One Team" project!

The result, we offer to evaluate the video, to cover all the scope of the work, is available on YouTube

Jean Makoun got the message "Football is our religion" at Antalya Cup

Grassroots festival Antalya Cup, organized by The GAME Agency Pro, is ended in Antalya. Youth teams from Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Romania played under the slogan "Football is our religion", which is included at the program "Play against racism", established by the Directorate of sports programs and social projects and weeks against racism FARE.

The festival program was also include a day of football with Cameroon player Jean II Makoun and coaching workshop FIFA Grassroots program.

Lukoil Cup: analysis of the effect of sponsorship

Lukoil Children 's Champions Cup became the winner in the nomination UEFA Grassroots Awards and showed an example of effective marketing strategy powered by The Game Agency Pro. The project has received extensive coverage not only in the sports media, but also among the players the Russian Premier League and First Russian Division, which recorded a special video message to the participants of the tournament in the personal accounts of social networks. The unique hashtag #lukoilcup contributed to replicate and enhance the brand awareness of the company in different countries and collected for the year 500 publications in total 100 000 users. The participation of European and national football associations - UEFA, FARE and the RFU, increase loyalty to the company and local communities.

The Game Agency Pro has offered to the LUKOIL company effective marketing straregy, which has contributed to the growth of social audience involvement. 22 video about the project collected more than 65 000 views on Youtube in the audience 89 countries. In addition, 26 000 fans saw the live awards ceremony of the tournament finalists in the official Russian Premier League match at the best russian stadium "Otkritie Arena."

The project is widely distributed in Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope. Social Networks project showed a figure of 211,000 people, and the main page of the tournament showed an increase of subscribers from 1926 to 3369.
It has raised more than 32 TV clips on federal, and club sports channels, 128 publications in press and 7 outputs the radio.

We aim to increase every year brand awareness and create a positive image of the company with the elements of event marketing.

Video about this project you can find on our YouTube Channel.

Juventus adventure in Russia

Dozens of young football players from all over Russia come to us to learn from the experience of the best Italian specialists from the academy, "Juventus". Guys waiting week course of intensive training, learning foreign languages ​​and, of course, familiar with the history and traditions of one of the strongest football schools in the world.

In Russia, children's football camp program implemented as part of a global project Juventus Soccer Schools (football school "Juventus"). Similar off-site training sessions experts Turin club for 10 years, carried out in many European countries, America and the Middle East.

The program includes sessions under the guidance of experts Academy "Juventus": daily training and theoretical lessons from 9.00 to 17.00, with breaks for rest, lunch and learning English. All participants of the camp at the end of training programs will be given certificates of attendance JSS-Russia, branded outfits and souvenirs "Juventus".

You can see the video about Juventus Camp i Moscow on our YouTube Channel.

Explore the world of football fun on Lukoil Holidays

200 games, 300 goals scored... 6 crazy days of LUKOIL Turkish Holidays Grassroots Football Festival are completed! In addition to the rich sports program the festival has also become a good example of effective sponsorship.

The proposed by The Game Agency Pro sponsorship for Lukoil Türkiye, as shown by the figures, gave a powerful marketing effect. According to the monitoring, six days left 200 publications mentioning the Lukoil in the media and social media, 4 movie on Turkish television, were published 350 photos from the participants in Instagram tagged #LukoilHolidays. Total coverage of the audience on Facebook amounted to more than 300,000 people.

T`Shirt for Dzyuba of from Russia with love

The Game Agency Pro held a large-scale relay with message "T`Shirt for Artem Dzyuba or our answer to Zlatan Ibrahimovic". It`s united nearby 400 young football fans all over Russia.

Everyone could take part in the relay, put your t-shirt – answer from Dzyuba named Russian Ibrahimovic to the great Swedish star. Posted by special hashtag the author`s drawing gave it to another friend. Ten of the best t-shirts were chosen by a vote of the users of social networks, and the winner identified by Artem Dzyuba.

October 9, in the match of the qualifying round of the European championship Sweden-Russia on football in Stockholm Artem Dzyuba will wear the winning t-shirt under the form of a game, and after the meeting will present to Ibrahimovic. Don't miss it!