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Fill the sport. Fill in sport. Branding for the Lukoil Sports Club: development, identity, adaptation

A new case in the branding services of The Game Agency Pro was the development and adaptation of branding dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Lukoil Sports Club.

Yoga festival on the pitch and steaks with players at the stadium. The summer festival LokoLand became a new case for clubs

The summer entertainment festival LokoLand at the RZD arena attracted more than 3,200 guests, most of whom were residents of the East area of Moscow.

International Youth UTLC CUP as activation of the sponsorship contract and increasing the recognition of the company's business

The Game Agency Pro has developed an image project to increase the recognition of the United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) and the activation of its sponsorship contract with the football club Lokomotiv.


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